Why Canhabc?

At Canadian hearing and balance clinics, we stand behind our promise of Quality Healthcare Close to Home. Arguably, we are the only company in Canada that is set ground up and corporately to provide complete solutions for vestibulo cochlear diagnostic services. Your reputation is in our hands. You should not want it to be any other way.

Competence: We can do what the industry does, only better. The obvious proof of this will be your opinion of our services, after you have experienced them. Until then, we have posted testimonials from other medical professionals to show how they feel about our service. The fact that we have exceeded our growth targets and are now servicing numerous clinics in a very short time frame is evidence of the standard we hold ourselves to.

Compassion: We care about the patients. CANHABC came into being with the core concept of patient care. We firmly believe in bettering healthcare with exceptional bedside manners, quick report delivery times and outstanding quality of results. Patients consistently thank us for the experience they have with us.
Character: At CANHABC, we pride ourselves on commitment and reliability. All our staff is hired with this clear mandate and redundancies are built into our processes to ensure that things go smoothly. Moreover, we have dedicated people in our organization to follow up with clinic owners and primary physicians to address any required modifications. We work with the mindset of benefiting the clinics we service.

What is Canhabc?

Canadian Hearing and Balance Clinics (CANHABC) is an Ontario based corporation, offering Hearing and Balance  solutions to primary physicians. We provide these services both in fixed locations and by coming to your clinic.

What is report turnaround time?

CANHABC’s reporting times are faster than industry standards. We work with your clinic’s specific requirements to ensure a tailored delivery time that works for you.

Can you come on weekends?


How much space do you require?

Minimal. If you feel that your clinic does not have enough space, give us a call and we will come by to take a look. You will be pleasantly surprised at the solutions we can implement.

What about the follow up?

Patient follow up can be handled by us or your clinical staff or jointly. We have worked with all types of different follow up models with equal ease and success.