For ENT Specialists

At CANHABC, our professionally trained audiologists offer various hearing and balancing tests. Similar to other hearing centers, we also provide hearing testing and Hearing  Aids BUT unlike other such facilities, we combine Hearing with balancing assessments as well. Our tests include  Hearing Tests (including Tympanometry, Pediatric Hearing Test and Otoacoustic Emission Testing), Auditory Brainstem Response, cVEMP Test, oVEMP Test, EcochG and Electronystagmography. We work in close collaboration with ENT specialists, referring patients for ENT consults after providing hearing and balancing assessments. Our group also provides rehab services for balance assessments where we work with a team of physiotherapists and ENT specialists to treat patients with vertigo-related problems.

We are committed to facilitating swift communication with the ENT specialists by using electronic reporting. Contact us now by sending an email with your contact information including your direct phone number to This confidential email address is set up specifically for this purpose.