For Referring Physicians

CANHABC is an Ontario based corporation, offering hearing and balancing solutions to primary physicians. We provide exemplary services and pay close attention to each and every patient. CANHABC is not only operating as a diagnostic facility but seeks to take our mission to offer personal care to our patients one step forward by also providing rehab services by our team of qualified physiotherapists and ENT specialists. We remain in direct contact with the referring physicians and their staff, ensuring our turn-around time for assessment results is kept at a minimal. We also guarantee earlier appointments with our ENTs to avoid any hassle or unnecessary waiting. Our services seek to meet your specific needs, whether it be referring out or referring in, from once a month to few days a week, depending on requirement. In order to maximize your time for consultations, we ensure that the primary physician’s clinic has enough volume. We ensure that the scheduling and the frequency of patients at any primary physician’s office is done according to your working style and the consults are booked according to your requirements.